Monday, October 27, 2014

The Saeco Minuto Focus Espresso Machine. It's a Review.

I was thisclose to losing the plot.

I am FAMOUS for not reading instructions. I think it stems from my childhood and watching my Mother rewire electrical outlets, put up ceiling fans, and assemble bunk beds with the greatest of ease. I don't recollect her ever having papers scattererd at her feet or losing her mind as she went on to do what most would consider a tradesman job. She just did what she had to and plodded on. Please keep all of this in mind as it will be useful information later in the post. And if you want to ever see how your relationship would stand the test of time? I implore you to buy a desk, table, or entertainment unit from IKEA and assemble it. 

Oh. Super fun times.

A few weeks ago, I received a brand spankin' new espresso machine from the good folks at Phillips. The Saeco Minuto Focus Espresso Machine. Being a new-ish coffee drinker in the last couple of years, I'm still wet behind the ears when it comes to drinks. I know what an espresso and cappuccino are from working in a swanky restaurant most of my high school years, but skinny lattes, cafe au lait, venti non-fat caffè macchiato with a triple shot, extra foam, and six sweeteners are still a bit foreign to me. 

Baby steps, friends. Bebe. Steps.

Anyway, as I undressed this gorgeousness from the box, my heart raced a bit faster, my eyes dilated and I got a bit giddy. She's sleek; She's sexy. She has a delicious understated confidence. I couldn't wait to plug her in and see how she purred.

And purr she did. She even winked at me. Such a flirt. I think I've met my match. 

And then I turned her on and everything went wrong. 

First, I poured the beans in the wrong spot. Yeah. Then the machine purged water all over the counter. Apparently with any good espresso machine, this is supposed to happen; it's a automatic rinse/self-cleaning cycle. It purges for the next cup. Clearly this is my first rodeo. I think she was ready to call it a day with me when I finally unplugged her, took a deep breath, and grabbed the instructions. 

The hole I originally poured the beans into was meant for ground coffee. Wait. This is also suitable for GROUND COFFEE? She became even more interesting to me. It's amazing what one can learn when they only READ the instructions. What a novel idea. 

Once I reintroduced myself, wooed her properly, we became pretty good friends, and she made me the most fabulous espresso. We also laughed about my blunder. Stella's lots of fun. Oh, that's her name. Stella. Obvi. 

The only reservation I have with this machine is the milk steamer. It's a bit too bulky for my liking and I feel a simple stainless steel pipe (as seen on some industrial espresso machines) would have been fine. I also would have liked to seen a quick purge button to remove any milk from crusting in the pipe. Unless I'm doing something wrong - AGAIN and there's an easier way, it's the only hiccup I have. 

There's also been silly talk that this machine doesn't yield a very hot cup of espresso, cappuccino, or coffee. I didn't have that issue, mainly due to the fact I tend to run my drinking cup under very hot water and prime it before drinking any hot beverage. This has always worked like a charm. 

Other than that, it makes a great cappuccino, a super fantastic cup of espresso and a cracking cup of coffee. 

Now if only Stella knew how to make me an Apple Tart Tatin, I would probably marry her. 

Hey, I've proposed marriage to weirder things. 

Oh, and PS. I recommend using a premium espresso bean, such as Illy. You really do taste the difference. 

Disclaimer: I was given this Saeco Minuto Focus Espresso Machine for review purposes. I will always be completely honest about any products I review and all opinions and views are 100% mine. 

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3 Responses to “The Saeco Minuto Focus Espresso Machine. It's a Review. ”

  1. I've dreamed of having my own espresso machine. If it came with a sexy barrista to make the cappuccino it would be even better. I'd have to settle for my husband making me a coffee in his underwear though. Not half bad ;)

  2. I love my little Nespresso pixie and aeroccino frother! It makes an awesome cappuccino and takes up little counter space - which has always been my issue with those dreamy $1000 jobs. They are sexy though!!

  3. I really want some espresso machine on my home. Hope I can afford one next time.