About Me

Hi there. You found my blog. I'm not sure what it was that caught your eye and brought you here, but welcome. Let's get acquainted. 

My name is Jenny and I'm a self-confessed sugar addict. 

I do not like being called Jen or Jennifer. I will correct you if you do. 

I have an incredible husband and two beautiful, beautiful children that are my entire world. As ridiculously proud I am of them, I'm fiercely protective as well. I've been asked on many occasions why I never post photos of my kids on my blog or social media. The answer is, well, because I don't and it's highly unlikely I ever will. It's just a personal choice and it's one I feel very strongly about. 

I am a child of God. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour and if it wasn't for my Heavenly Father, I would be lost. I would not be the person I am. Without Him, I am nothing. However, I'm not a perfect Christian who does right all the time and I certainly won’t pretend I am. I’m flawed, I swear more than I should, I make so many mistakes, but His Grace is bigger than my sins. I am a work in progress in His perfect and ultimate plan. I won’t ever shove my beliefs down your throat, but if you want to talk about faith or want me to pray for you or with you, then I’m your girl. 

I am very loyal and trustworthy. I enjoy being around people and I am very social, but I’m also a good judge of character. If you gain my trust, you are a friend for life, no questions asked. If you betray or disrespect me and I find out, you will lose me as a friend. Period. I certainly forgive, but I do not forget. I will not say something behind your back that I would not say to your face. Friendships are something that should not be treated loosely and I feel there are way too many people that don’t understand the word loyal. If we can't be open and honest with each other, then we have no business being friends in the first place. People that gossip need not apply.  

I am often very misunderstood. Imagine that.

I'm fluent in sarcasm.

I absolutely hate having my photo taken. I. HATE. IT. WITH. A. PASSION. When I must have a photo taken, I can't make a normal face. It's so unnatural for me. This is why I will milk a photo for a long time if deemed acceptable. 

I cannot ignore a homeless person on the street no matter how hard I try. Not that I’m looking for a pat on the back with that admission, but it truly breaks my heart. Whether you know their life story or not (or anyone's story for that matter), please don’t judge. We all have demons we fight daily, some just do it better than others. 

I carry dual citizenship of The United States and Canada. 

Science makes me happy. 

I enjoy being alone.

I love to read. 

My ultimate dream is to own and operate a bed and breakfast or gorgeous little tea room and to eat candy, cookies, chips, and doughnuts morning, noon, and night without consequence.

I am on a quest to consume the world's best doughnut. I haven't found it yet, but I'm having oodles of fun trying.

I have an insanely weird fascination/obsession with airplanes. I’m in complete awe of how they work, but I’m actually a nervous flier. 

Thanks for stopping by. Now go make magic in your kitchen, but be sure to come back and visit me every now and again. I like when you visit. 


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