Monday, September 29, 2014

Celebrating #InternationalCoffeeDay with Saeco Minuto Focus Espresso Machine

I have an embarrassing confession. 

Coffee and I didn't become besties until about two years ago. In fact, I'm not too far off when I say we were arch nemesis'.

I know. This admission usually greets me with wide eyes, dropped jaws, and/or gobsmacked faces. 

It was what it was; the same old song and dance. Coffee stayed in their corner, I stayed in mine. We never hung out in the same crowds and if we did, we ignored each other. Sometimes it gave me the stink eye, other times it flipped me the finger, but I never took it personally. Life was easier this way. I can't pinpoint the exact disdain I had for it, but if I had to guess, it was something about the taste and the smell that often left me feeling queasy and unbalanced.

That is until one magical Autumn Saturday in October of two thousand and forever ago. 

My husband and I were visiting some dear friends of ours in upstate New York. These said friends have an amazing piece of real state nestled in the Catskills - and although they live on farmland, they don't actually have a working farm. Lucky for them, they are quite friendly with neighbouring (and successfully working) farms which often means lots of free eggs, milk, and even meat on a weekly basis. 

We were invited to come for a weekend getaway to see all the amazing things they had done to this once dilapidated and neglected log home they purchased a few years before.

Fast forwarding this charming tale, the first morning we were there, I awoke to the most incredible smell of cinnamon buns, bacon....AND COFFEE.

Wait. Coffee?

Yeah. Coffee.

Suddenly, the universe shifted and the planets aligned because I had to have a cup right then and there, come hell or high water. It was the weirdest sensation. I don't know if it had something to do with being in their log house, the fantastic views outside our bedroom window or being in the country, but it brought about a nostalgic feeling from my days as a hellion in pigtails. 

That was the moment coffee and I came to an understanding. We now spend every morning together and laugh about the days of yore when we disliked each other. 

As if my addiction couldn't get anymore interesting, imagine my giddy excitement when I received my Saeco Minuto Focus Espresso Machine

Now only does this machine make fabulous cups of espresso, but it also has super fun features that make many of the drinks popular coffee house chains offer. And this girl is pretty stoked about it.

Watch this space, because this budding barista will no doubt be back with some super fabulous drinks to whet your whistle and caffeinate your bones.

Disclaimer: I was given this Saeco Minuto Focus Espresso Machine for review purposes. I will always be completely honest about any products I review and all opinions and views are 100% mine. 

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2 Responses to “Celebrating #InternationalCoffeeDay with Saeco Minuto Focus Espresso Machine”

  1. I didn't start my relationship with coffee until I was in my 30's. I haven't looked back. That espresso machine looks so cool that I'd actually consider finally trying some new caffeinated drinks just to justify buying one. Maybe espresso could be the drink of my 40's...

    1. Hightail your ass over to Ontario so I can make you some kick ass drinks. And laugh about whatever girls laugh about. Xo