Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookie Truffles

My very good friend, Devon, lives next to a cookie factory. Can you imagine waking up to the smell of cookies every morning? I would gain 5 pounds just walking to my car. Thankfully, I safely live 45 minutes away. 

The beauty of living next to the factory is that she can get cookies at a fraction of a fraction of the cost. Read it again. I'll wait.

The downside is that the cookies selection can be a hit or miss. However, when it's a hit, one can score some pretty amazing cookies. She popped over to their factory shop on the weekend and called to let me know that the Chips Ahoy individual packs were in abundance. Sign me up.

When I got the bag the next day, my eyes bugged out. There must have been about 60 individual packs in there. Don't believe me?

The entire bag only set me back five dollars. FIVE DOLLARS! There is no way that even an experienced cookie lover like myself can eat all of these, so I needed to find some creative way to use them up.

Enter Chocolate Chip Cookie Truffles.

I have seen this recipe floating about the internet for sometime now and have been dying to try them - mainly to see what all the fuss was about, but I didn't really want to pulverize a perfectly good package of cookies. A few doomed cookies that were already half broken in their shiny blue surroundings didn't seem as heartless.

Had I known they were this good, I would have taken a baseball bat to the entire cookie shelf at the supermarket a long time ago. These are INCREDIBLE! It's like eating a slice of chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake, but neatly conformed to a little ball of happiness.

I really need to stop eating these. My ass is not going to thank me come bathing suit season.

My thighs stopped speaking to me over the Christmas holiday.


About 40 chocolate chip cookies, crushed. I used Chips Ahoy cookies.
1 block of cream cheese, room temperature
1½ cup semi-sweet or dark chocolate. Chocolate chips work great.
¼ cup excess cookie crumbs for decoration

Blitz cookies until they are coarse crumbs.

Add cream cheese to cookies and mix until incorporated.

Roll into balls and place in freezer for 15 minutes.

Melt chocolate or chips in a double boiler or glass bowl placed over pot of boiling water. Be sure to add 1 tablespoon shortening. By adding shortening, it creates a smoother and more manageable consistency than melted chocolate alone. It also helps create a more evenly coated product.

Once well chilled, coat balls in chocolate completely, making sure to remove excess so you don't end up with a puddle of chocolate underneath.  It's best to place coated balls on a cookie sheet with a nonstick mat or parchment paper. We didn't do that and had a heck of a process to remove them. We would have saved a lot of time if we'd just placed a nonstick surface down.

Sprinkle with excess cookie crumbs. My little helper did an awesome job!

Keep refrigerated. 

Yield: 2½ dozen cake truffles.

Happy Baking!

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